Temporary Roofing

During construction, once the structure is in place, temporary roofing provides a way to protect the building from the elements. Not only is it necessary to keep dust and dirt out whilst completing the project, but rain and wind can cause untold amounts of damage. At Urban Scaffolding Solutions, we provide safe and secure access to the roof so that a temporary cover can be put in place.

Understanding Safety Risks

Any time you are working at great heights there are a number of known safety risks involved. To this day, the leading cause of work-related death and injury on construction sites is falling great distances. Think about this for a moment! Nothing is higher on a building than the roof so it is even more important to design and manufacture scaffolding that will be safe when constructing temporary roofs.

Load Management

At Urban Scaffolding Solutions we fully understand the need for load management on scaffolding. Although most temporary roofs are not made with ‘heavy’ materials and thought to be ‘lightweight,’ this is really a relative concept. It may not be heavy in terms of the weight of a conventional, permanent roof, but since the scaffold needs to bear extra weight along with the combined weight of the workers, you are looking at a significant amount of weight. There is no other way to say it. A roofer may tell you it is light, but in reality it could weigh enough to present a danger. Urban Scaffolding Solutions prides itself on having well-respected engineers to design each and every scaffold with an eye on safety.

Working in Partnership

We are passionate about working with our partners in the construction industry and are proud of the role we play in helping them get the job done safely and efficiently. With proper scaffolding, workers can feel confident that they are protected from falling whilst having the ability to do the task they are responsible for. Urban Scaffolding Solutions has partnered with some of the leading builders in our area and we are proud to call them peers. Working hand in hand with our partners, we can help them complete projects timely and as a result, hopefully within budget! Nothing eats into budget as much as delays on the job, and with safe scaffolding we know we have played our part in their success.

Areas We Are Proud to Serve

Although we are based in High Legh, we are able to provide Urban Scaffolding Solutions to Cheshire which includes Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Knutsford, Lymm, Winslow, Bramhall, Macclesfield and Stockport. In fact, we even go further afield serving areas such as the South of Manchester. This includes Hale, Hale Barns, Altrincham, Bowden, Didsbury and Trafford.

Whether you use scaffolding often and just choose to use our services for the customer support and professional advice we offer, or are simply needing a one-off scaffolding hire, we have the equipment and expertise to help you find cost effective solutions. Call the Urban Scaffolding Solutions team of experts today for a free quote and some much needed advice.

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